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Explore the best and most beautifull beaches of Sithonia.

Sarti have unique places of beauty and beaches of clean blue crystal waters...

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Sarti Beach
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Η παραλία της Σάρτη διαθέτει Γαλάζια Σημαία εδώ και πολλά χρόνια, που σημαίνει οτι ειναι μια καθαρή και αμμώδης παραλία , οικογένειες, νέοι και ηλικιωμένοι μπορούν να απολαύσουν την ομορφιά της.Η ακτή της παραλίας της Σάρτης και τα νερά της είναι βαθαίνου ...

2 Achlada Beach
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North of Sarti, at about 1,5 km there is a cluster of three beaches, 60, 100 and 350 meters respectively from south to north, which is called Achlada (=pear). The access to these beaches is easy since in order to find them you need to leave the main road ...

3 Platanitsi Beach
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Platanitsi is located about 5km north of Sarti. It is also known for the beach bar which is named Afri-Cafe; the entrance to the beach of Platanitsi is controlled. When you leave the main street of Sithonia, cross a planted area of about 50 meters to get ...

4 Orange Beach - Kavourotripes
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About 6km north of Sarti there is a cluster of small beaches in a coastline which is over 5km. This relief landscape of unparallel beauty looks like an open-air market of sculpture exhibition which in conjunction with the amazing turquoise waters and the ...

5 Armenistis Beach
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 12 km north of Sarti there is Armenistis. There along with the beach there is also a campsite of 600 meters length with the same name. It is a beach with turquoise waters and fine sand. In order to discover it, you must leave the main road of east Sithon ...

6 Manasou Beach - Akti Oneirou
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About 16 km north of Sarti there is a beach which has taken its name from the beach bar that organizes it. Some people call it also the Dream Beach. Half of it is organized and half is free for camping and in order to get there you need to climb down a di ...

7 Rodia Beach
0 reviews

At 18km north of Sarti there is a beach which has taken its name from the beach bar that organizes it, the Rodia beach bar. The 180 meters beach with beautiful green blue waters and fine sand is accessible from the main road of Sithonia through a dirt roa ...

8 Zografou Beach - BAHIA
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About 20km north of Sarti, (about 30 minutes of driving)  there are two beaches ZOGRAFOU and BAHIA (ex.PORTO PARADISO) both equipped with facilities on the beach. Sea water is green and there is small pebbles on the coast.

9 Koutloumousiou Beach ( LaCara )
0 reviews

About 21km north of Sarti there is Koutloumousiou Coast which is the campsite La Cara. On the main road you will find the main entrance of an organized camping. The first 20’ are free of charge to visit the beach but if you decide to stay longer you have ...

Doherio - Platania Beach
0 reviews

On the south end of Sarti beach, you can find a chain of four small beaches.  First beach after Sarti when you go to south. It is located about 1km of Sarti. Beach is clean, sandy with clear blue water. Beach is without umbrellas and sunbeds

Goa Beach
0 reviews

Goa beach and beach bar is located about 2km south from Sarti. Very popilar amoung young people and with dasty road access. Parties on the beach during all night and good  mood invite you to come and enjoy.

Kalamitsi Beach
0 reviews

At about 25 km south of Sarti and 11 km east of Toroni there is the small village of Kalamitsi. It is built in a cove with 3 beaches. The third beach is the nudist bay and it, is the most isolated.  To get there you need to walk to the left side of the ma ...

Klimataria Beach
0 reviews

15 km south of Sarti is Klimataria, About 15 minutes of driving. To get there you will either pass Sykias beach and follow the coast to the east or go to the same exit that leads also to Kriaritsi and then turn further north. On the beach you can found ch ...

Kriaritsi Beach or Ghost City
0 reviews

16 km south of Sarti there is a chain of beaches. After small beaches Pigadaki, Tourkolimionas and Klimataria there is Kriaritsi, sandy beach with clear blue water and nice view of Mount Athos. Sometimes there are pitched tents but no facilities, the most ...

Linaraki Beach - Pigadaki Beach
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12 km south of Sarti , on the south of Sykia golf  you will find the beach Linaraki. Small sandy beach with sunbeds and umbrellas and good tavern.  About 1 km souther  is the beach Pigadaki. Another small beach with some good taverns.

Porto Koufo Beach
0 reviews

32km south of Sarti there is Porto Koufo. Ater Kalamitsi village main road continue to Porto Koufo protected bay and the deepest natural harbor in Greece. There is a big and wonderful beach of  with beautiful waters and fine sand. The village has some goo ...

Sykia Beach
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Only 11 km south of Sarti you can find a large blue flag Sykia beach. It is the closest beach to the willage of Sykia about 4 km up the mountain. The beach is very long, clear and with sand on the coast. There are some beach bars and  we recommend  ALATI.

Toroni Beach
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At about 36 kilometers south of Sarti is one of the biggest beaches in Chalkidiki – Toroni beach. At a length of 2 kilometers, it makes a wide cove of fine sand and clear waters. There are organized parts to the beach with sun beds and umbrellas but much ...

Tristinika Beach
0 reviews

37 km south of Sarti, soon after Toroni and beach Destenika there is a another splendid  long beach Tristinika. You can access to Tristinika on 3 ways but always turn left from main road.  Near Tristinika you can found beaches Azapiko and Aretes. On Trist ...

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